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Our Vision

Breakthrough aims to empower people around the world to achieve their wildest dreams, and live life to the fullest potential, through personal development and organization.

About us

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Content Creation

Breakthrough aims to create original contents to inspire and educate ambitious dreamers around the world to fulfil their dreams and become the highest leverage version of themselves possible.


Inspire you to strive for greatness.

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Provide you with tips to build good habits.


Equip you with the necessary skills to manage and organize all facets of your life.

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Through our content,

we aim to:


Organization System

Breakthrough strives to help customers manage all the chaos and disorder in every aspect of their life by equipping them with the resources and training to create, and execute their own personal organization system.

With this system, we strongly believe that each person will empower themselves to take their life's journey to the next level, by improving their work-life balance, time management, relationships, health and state of mind.

From Chaos to Action


level 1:

Learn to manage all of the chaos and distractions in your life so that your attention does not deviate from the important things that really need it.

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Level 2:

Learn how to keep track and categorize all of your ideas, thoughts and tasks. Organize and plan your life to ensure you get everything you need done.


level 3:


Transform your ideas into actionable tasks and set milestones for yourself to make sure you complete everything within time.


level 4:


Just do it!

Turn your ideas into achievements.

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Software Development

Breakthrough is currently building the ultimate personal productivity software. This software will help you manage chaos in life, and turn your dreams into reality. 


Read the article about our Organization System written by our CEO and Founder


Work with US

We at Breakthrough are committed to building a dynamic, fun and challenging work environment, where everyone feels inspired and empowered to learn, grow and become their best self.


We prioritise on individuals' personal development and growth, and we encourage individuals to share their lessons and principles with the world throughout their journey of self-discovery.

Our Core Values

Talent + Compassion + Personal Development + Passion + Transparency = Breakthrough


  • Work for AND with an awesome team!

  • Continuous self-improvement is highly encouraged AND promoted!

  • Limitless potential for both personal AND professional growth!


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison