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Our consultancy is carefully tailored to suit the needs of each individual person. To that end, we focus on the following program areas, deeply examine each aspect of your life, and then propose the best solutions that will change your life today in order to become a better person tomorrow.

Consultancy Services

Organisation & Productivity


Work-life balance

Through personalised insight, and the establishment of your personal organisational system, our program aims to give you the tools you need to eliminate stress and achieve the ultimate work-life balance, so you can efficiently crush your work without the need to neglect the people you love, sacrifice your health, or compromise your mental well-being.


Personalized Advice

We will provide personalized advice, establish easy to follow routines and practices, while implementing the best automation tools and processes to help you manage all the key elements of your life, including - your phone, your time, your notes, and your thoughts, so you can better manage the stress, the chaos and the distractions of your life.


Be Effective and Productive

Your personal organisational system will enable you to proactively tackle your day with unprecedented focus and mental clarity, and will allow you to become the most leveraged, efficient and productive version of yourself - not only at work, but in all facets of your life.


You are the people that you know. So it should be apparent that managing our relationships, and choosing wisely who we hang out with is crucially important. Yet, many of us take an extremely passive approach when it comes to relationships. Instead of being meticulous to handpick people who are smart, knowledgeable, kind, positive and more importantly, care about us and love us for being our authentic self, a lot of us hang out with whoever comes along, and will continue to hang out with them even if they turn out to be an extremely negative influence in our lives.

 We will help you take control of your relationship in three distinct stages

1. Relationship Analyzis

First, we will offer personal insights and work with you closely to create a picture of reality when it comes to the current state of your relationships, with absolute clarity. We will examine the people around you, the frequency and manner in which you interact with them, then we will analyse the influence and impact of your social circles, your view and satisfaction of your reality and finally, we will establish an airtight strategy to improve your relationship game.


2. Relationship Management

Upon the establishment of the strategy, we will then implement a relationship management software which will enable you to manage your current relationships. We will give you the tools you need to meticulously organise your contacts, then we will work together to label them into different relationship types such as friends, family, or connections, and then we will sort them into proximity tiers, based on how close or often you’d like to engage with the person, and not based on convenience.

Once we have organised, labelled, and sorted your contacts, the software will then start to track your communication channels such as your calendar and your email, and will periodically send out reminders for you to follow up with people you haven’t already, or for you to get them a present for their birthdays. This way, you can avoid the pitfalls of neglecting the people you care about, and actively build these relationships to flourish and last.


3. Building New Relationships

The third stage of this process, is about building new relationships. We are social animals, but we are scared of meeting new people. We can’t help but be desperate - if we have no other alternatives in the pipeline, then we’d much rather be with negative people than to be all alone, so it’s not enough to just weed out the bad influences, it’s mandatory to build new meaningful relationships with amazing people. During this process, we will work with you to set up the routines and practices to identify and engage with these people both online and offline, so you can start expanding your social circle and meeting people who will drive you to be the best version of yourself.

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Self-Discipline & Habits

Our service will revolutionise the way you think about your willpower and habits. Through practical guides backed by science and inspirational reinforcements, we will teach you to break bad habits, make good habits stick, stop procrastinating, and be the best version of yourself. The goal of this service is to help you carefully design your life, in a way which is challenging enough to push you to greater heights, but not too challenging to a point where you can not keep up. We value consistency over intensity of individual sessions or practices. This way, you will be able to obtain control over your behaviour and your life, and will be able to accomplish astonishing long term goals that you deem unthinkable right now.

Purpose and Passion

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